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Esco Products Becomes Esco Optics

Posted by Jason Wickersham on

Having been in business for more than 50 years, Esco has witnessed many changes in the optics industry, as well as within their own company. When Esco was established in 1955, their objective was:

“To manufacture, service, purchase and sell optical goods and glass of every character, mathematical and scientific instruments, photographic supplies and material, and all articles and merchandise appertaining to such business.”

To fulfill these goals, they focused on telescope kits and parts, later expanding their product line to a full optics catalog that serviced the entire optics-related industry.

Today, the company is making great strides to better meet the needs of current and prospective customers everywhere. One change comes in the form of the company name, with Esco Products becoming Esco Optics.

While not drastic, current customers should make note of the following changes:

  • The old website will automatically redirect to
  • To reach Esco by email, please use

Esco Optics is proud to serve the optics industry and looks forward to manufacturing all your optical component needs!

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