Esco Optics adds Optipro machine tool cell to their expanding capabilities

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Oak Ridge, NJ October 3rd, 2014 – Esco Optics has taken significant steps in the upgrading of their precision optics manufacturing capabilities with the delivery of a complete manufacturing cell from Optipro Systems. The acquisition demonstrates Esco Optics President Lee Steneken’ s commitment of forging Esco Optics as a continued forerunner in the manufacturing of precision optical components. “The purchase of the Optipro equipment allow Esco to refine our processes while increasing our throughput capacity as well.  The addition of the OptiTrace 5000 Contact Profilometer to the package will allow us to enhance the confidence of our customers by providing state of the art metrology.”

Optipro eSX 150 – 5 axis CNC grinder

The eSX 150 is a 5 axis CNC grinder with high speed throughput coupled with 5 axis machining for prototype through production optical components. The optimal diameter range is 5-150mm with a maximum plano diameter capability of 200mm. It has a maximum spindle speed of 22,000 rpm and has integrated tool and part probing capabilities. The eSX 150 will allow Esco to fabricate virtually any optical shape or profile including freeform and aspherical profiles.  It will augment Esco’s CNC ability to provide high quality spherical lenses as well as aspherical components. The improved machining ability will allow Esco Optics to provide high precision UV and IR Windows to their customers.

OptiPro PRO80 UFF

The Optipro PRO 80 UFF is a 5 axis CNC polisher that will allow Esco Optics to polish aspheric lenses as well as free form and spherical lenses to up to 80mm in diameter. The PRO 80 UFF utilizes Optipro’s patented sub-aperture polishing system Ultra Form Finishing (UFF). PRO 80 UFF can UltraForm Finish plano windows, spheres, and aspheres from 10-80 mm in diameter. The innovative UFF process polishes ground surfaces to finished specifications using a deterministic algorithm. UFF incorporates a moving belt of polishing material wrapped around a precision compressive wheel delivering 1/2 wave or better accuracies. With bound and loose abrasives, the PRO 80 UFF can polish a wide range of materials, including optical glasses, IR and UV optical materials and optical ceramics.

OptiPro PRO 80P

The Optipro Pro 80P is a CNC polisher that incorporates high speed polishing of precision plano optics and spherical lenses. The Pro80P also incorporates polishing tool correction and truing directly on the polisher. It also has unique hemispherical dome polishing capability. The Pro 80P will aid Esco Optics by adding higher precision and repeatability to our continuing processes and procedures. The Pro 80P is a welcome addition to the Esco Optics bank of precision optical fabrication equipment. The addition of the Pro80P will enhance Esco Optics ability to provide prototype optics as well as high volume optical components.

OptiTrace 5000 Contact Profilometer

The OptiTrace 500 utilizes custom asphere analysis software from Optipro coupled with ZIESS Surfacom 5000 high precision contour measurement. The OptiTrace can provide 2D and 3D measurements of aspheres, cylinders and freeform precision optics.  The OptiTrace is also best in its class for accuracy and resolution with a measuring range of 32mm vertical and 200mm x-axis. Esco Optics’ customers can rely on state of the art metrology accompanying their aspherical lenses, spherical lenses, cylindrical and freeform optical components.

The purchase of the OptiPro manufacturing cell is a factual example of the commitment Esco Optics has to its recovery and reconstruction journey. The Esco Optics employees and management team are excited to reenter the photonics industry arena as a tenured company surrounded by new innovations and renewed commitment to our customers and national photonics industry. The reconstruction process is almost complete with the acquisition of a new building in Oak Ridge, NJ. For more information on Esco Optics recovery process please contact or call 1-800-922-3726.

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