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Beamsplitter Cubes, BK7 Optical Glass for Visible 400-700nm

Esco PN:
  • $ 14850
  • Reg: $ 16

Beamsplitter cubes are constructed by cementing two right angle prisms together at their hypotenuses. They are supplied with one of the beamsplitter coatings described below applied to the hypotenuse of one of the prisms. The leg faces are uncoated, but can be AR coated upon request. Esco manufactures general purpose beamsplitter cubes for use in the visible and UV spectra. If you require elements with different spectral or physical characteristics, please contact Esco.

• Transmitted beam is neither displaced or deflected• Reflected and transmitted beams travel identical optical path lengths • No ghost images • Less susceptible to mechanical stress than plates • R/T ratio dependent on the state of polarization • Designed for use with collimated beams • Contains cemented interface that may be susceptible to high power • Cemented interface may introduce undesired wavefront distortion in larger cubes

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