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Coatings, Reflective, AL-SIO

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For most mirror applications, metallic coatings offer the best performance/cost ratio over any other reflective coating. The three most common and effective types that Esco Optics offers are aluminum, silver, and gold.

Several dielectric coatings are available as overcoats, used to enhance reflectivity, durability, and/or longevity of the underlying metal.

Aluminum (AL)

Bare aluminum provides excellent reflectivity from the UV to the IR. Unfortunately, it also oxidizes rapidly and use of a dielectric overcoat is usually required to prevent degradation. Since no overcoat is ideal for all applications, materials best suited to the intended application should be chosen.

Aluminum-Silicon Monoxide (AL SIO)


 General purpose Aluminum coating for use in the visible spectrum



• Poor UV reflectance

 Our coatings are custom products, please Contact Us to place an order.

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