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Filters, Visible Bandpass, 25.4 mm Diameter

Esco PN:
  • $ 10890

Esco Optics manufactures Visible Bandpass Filters, designed for use at wavelengths from 400nm - 700nm. The Bandpass filter is ring mountedand is 25.4 mm (20.3 mm CA) in diameter.

Dimensional tolerance

+0/-0.13 mm



Center Wavelength Tolerance

254-313nm: +/-3nm
340-1064nm: +/-2nm

Bandwidth tolerance

254-313nm: +/-2.5nm
340-1064nm: +/-2nm

Surface Accuracy

Not Applicable

Surface Quality

80-50, scratch-dig


Better than 10^-4 from X-ray to far infrared

Temperature Limits

-50°C to +80°C

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