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Metallic Coated Filters provide uniform attenuation across a wide spectral range. Esco utilizes a fused silica substrate with a precision metallic coating (Inconel).  The film is comprised of a very hard alloy material, resistant to aging under normal conditions. Esco offers two types of Metallic Coated Filters:

  • N-BK7 Optical Glass, which is utilized in the visible spectrum (400- 700nm) 
  • Fused Silica, where UV substrates allow for an even attenuation from 200-700nm

Advantages of Metallic Coated Neutral Density Filters include:

  • Coating on fused silica allows controlled attenuation in the UV
  • Coating provides attenuation with greater linearity over a wide spectral range.
  • Coating can handle higher intensity light sources because part of the beam is reflected, rather than absorbed

    Metallic Coated Filters, Fused Silica


    50.0mm x 50.0mm



    Density tolerance

    +/- 10% of density for values <0.5 and +/- 5% for values >0.5

    Dimensional tolerance

    +/-0.25mm square

    Surface Accuracy

    <5λ per inch 

    Surface Quality

    60-40, scratch-dig




    Fine ground and beveled

Esco Optics also manufactures Custom Neutral Density Filters, for orders outside our standard lines of ND filters. To get a quote on a custom filter please use our online quote tool.


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