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Esco manufactures a wide variety of flat mirror substrates, to meet the needs of every customer. From Precision (Laser) Quality Flat Mirrors to Commercial Quality Flat Mirrors, Esco has it all.

All of our catalog mirrors are supplied front surface-coated with aluminum (Al) and are over-coated with either silicon monoxide (SiO) or magnesium fluoride (MgF2)

In addition to our catalog mirrors, we are capable of producing custom elements. We offer an extensive list of shapes, including concave and convex spherical, ellipsoidal, flat, square, round, or custom. For flat optics, nearly any size is possible and concave over 12” in diameter. We offer coatings in Al-SiO, MgF2, Silver, Gold, all dielectric Max-R, and other coatings upon request.

For more information on our custom mirrors, please contact us and we can help you place your order.