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Optimum Transmission Range:

Ideal Applications:

 200 nm - 5.0 µm

 With PbS, PbSe, and InSb detectors. Spectral transmittance matches spectral sensitivity of detectors

 Infrared, high temperature, high pressure, high thermal shock environments

 Scratch resistant elements used in rain resistance, bar code scanning applications

Synthetic sapphire is an anisotropic crystalline material composed of single crystal aluminum oxide (Al2O3). Esco works with only high quality, optical grade sapphire. It is essentially 100% pure. The various properties of sapphire are a function of the direction within the crystal with respect to the optic axis. It has an extremely wide transmission spectrum (150 nm to 6.0 µm). Its high melting point, good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion provide excellent performance in high temperature environments. The extreme hardness of sapphire makes it difficult to polish using standard techniques. High optical quality finishes on sapphire are not always possible.