Optical Glass

Optical glasses are available across a wide range of refractive indices and dispersions. Each optical glass is specifically designed to perform in accordance with carefully controlled optical characteristics.

While some may be easier to process than others, Esco Optics, through years of fabrication and polishing experience, is equipped and proficient in the manufacture of precision lensesaspheresoptical windows, and optical glass prisms

We are happy to assist our customers with a vast array of optical configurations. Below is a comprehensive list of optical glass for your reference.

SCHOTT Optical Glass

Schott offers over 120 types of optical glasses grouped by similar chemical composition.  From traditional lead oxide materials, arsenic free N-glasses, and high transmission glasses designated “HT” or “HTultra”, Schott covers the entire standard range of refractive indices and dispersion values.  On request, they also provide materials with more tightly controlled homogeneity for high precision applications.

Manufacturer's Material Data (PDFs)

Ohara Optical Glass

Ohara optical glass is available in over 130 ecologically safe varieties that are free of arsenic and lead.  Their extensive line of material covers a wide portion of available refractive indices and dispersions and includes materials specially selected for high homogeneity and transmission. 

Manufacturer's Material Data (PDFs)

Hoya Optical Glass

Hoya has been manufacturing optical glass since 1941. Like other material providers, they’ve invested heavily in the formulation of environmentally friendly glasses free of lead and arsenic. The offer a full complement of high and low index glasses to suit many different applications.

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CDGM Optical Glass

CDGM is the world’s largest producer of optical glasses and located in Chengdu, China. Their portfolio of products include high refractive index, low dispersion lanthanum-based materials, environmentally friendly arsenic, lead and cadmium-free varieties, as well as, fluorophosphates glasses for high resolution imaging systems.

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