The aerospace industry has many facets spanning both private and government agencies. Optics for aerospace applications can include low expansion materials, sapphire, UV & IR Fused Silica with applications of precision mirrors, windows, prisms, beamsplitters, and coated optics.


The automotive industry is rapidly evolving to include more sensing technology and camera systems in vehicles. Many vehicles now use LIDAR systems to measure the distance of objects relative to the position of the car in 3-D.


We work with undergraduate and post graduate customers in the scientific or laboratory settings to fulfill their requirements which can range from large to small optics to off-the-shelf catalog parts modified with a coating or custom optics.


Additive Manufacturing is the process of building up layer by layer. While this is not a new technology its applications have progressed to printing of metal components. Additive manufacturing technology uses a variety of specific optical components from lenses, mirrors, as well as laser debris shields and optical windows. Another significant industrial segment is Electro/Opto Manufacturing ranges from creation, design and fulfillment of material analysis and imaging products.


Medical and biomedical optics like many industries have many applications and product offerings: dentistry, eye surgery/lasik, cosmetic lasers as well as UV disinfection. Each have their own specific needs, but precision windows, lenses and aspherical lenses are common optics for this field. 


Working with the government and defense contractors requires detailed inspection reports and metrology data. We are ITAR registered with over 65+ years of experience working with military and defense related procurement. Our optics are in use for a number of aircraft platforms, ground defenses, as well as in training and simulation equipment working UV, visible and IR ranges.


Optics for the photonics industry includes the fiber and telecom industry but also components for enabling breakthroughs in ranging from healthcare to electronics to industrial manufacturing, and more. Optics for photonics applications can include flats, prisms, filters, lenses, mirrors, and optics with specialized surface figures.


The most common semiconductor optics are referred to as wafers made from silicon or germanium which are available in standard sizes of 150, 200, 300, 450 mm. Semiconductors such as the silicon wafer can be used in the production of both chips and microchips in electronic devices. However the supporting optics for the industry can use high-purity fused silica, low expansion materials and other materials that are ideal for the semiconductor lithography process.

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