Filter Glass

Esco Optics offers colored glass filters from Schott, Hoya and Isuzu. Applications for the filters include bandpass, long and short bandpass, multiband, or neutral density filters covering the UV, visible, and near-infrared wavelength regions. Color compensation, light balancing and heat absorbing filters are also available.

Esco Optics provides our polished catalog filters in 12.7 and 25.40mm diameter as well as square 50.80mm filters. Neutral density filters are also offered. Esco also fabricates custom sized glass filters in any configuration. Specific manufacturer data can be found below.

Hoya Filter Glass

Hoya colored glass filters have been used as color correctors, contrast enhancement filters and light balancing filters for many years. Esco also offers a full range of Hoyasharp cut and heat absorbing filters.

Manufacturer's Material Data (PDFs)

Neutral Density

Multiband Calibration

UV Transmitting, VIS Absorbing

Sharp Cut – Colorless

Sharp Cut – Orange

Sharp Cut – Red

Sharp Cut – Yellow

Isuzu Filter Glass

Isuzu glass offers the largest selection of heat absorbing filters in today’s market. Esco can supply any shape or configuration to our customers.

Manufacturer's Material Data (PDFs)

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