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Laser Prisms

The apex angle of a Brewster laser prism is designed to deviate a ray of the particular wavelength, thus minimizing reflection losses when used with linearly polarized light. Only light that travels within the prism parallel to the base will be perfectly transmitted. Since other wavelengths will experience high losses, the Brewster prism can be used to suppress their gain.

The Littrow laser prism is the result of cutting a Brewster prism in half. By adding a reflective coating to the new leg face in our in-house coating department, the Littrow prism is used like the Brewster prism, but the output exits back toward the source.

Laser prisms are designed to tune a variety of laser systems efficiently and tuning is performed by tilting the prism in the path of the beam. At Esco, the apex angle has been carefully chosen to allow maximum performance at any desired wavelength within the visible spectrum.

Dimensional Tolerance

+/- 0.5 mm

Apex Angle Tolerance

+/- 5'

Surface Accuracy

1/20 wave over clear aperture

Surface Quality

10-5, scratch-dig


Fine ground and beveled

Clear Aperture

Central 80% diameter

Width of Bevel

<0.5 mm


Uncoated, specify optional coating on Littrow prisms

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