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Sapphire Windows, Circular (Random Orientation)

Esco PN:
  • $ 550

Sapphire optical components are used in a variety of applications requiring high durability or broad spectral ranges.

Ideal applications include:

  • With PbS, PbSe, and InSb detectors. Spectral transmittance matches spectral sensitivity of detectors
  • Infrared, high temperature, high pressure, high thermal shock environments
  • Scratch resistant elements, used in rain resistance, or bar code scanning applications

Esco Optics offers circular sapphire with random orientation. For custom applications beyond our standard catalog optics, please contact us.

Dimensional tolerance

+/- 0.05 mm

Thickness tolerance

+/- 0.05 mm

Surface Quality

1 micro-inch RMS

Surface Accuracy

~15 wave per inch

Clear aperture



Fine ground and beveled


Ask a Question
  • What does "Random Orientation" mean?

    Thank you for your question. Sapphire (Al₂O₃) is an incredibly hard crystal that has high mechanical strength, excellent thermal and chemical resistance and is also scratch resistant. It is not formed from molten glass like other optical materials.  Sapphire is grown and has a crystalline structure, therefore when cut in a ‘random’ orientation, it means the internal structure of the crystal planes can be in any direction. For our catalog sapphire windows the finished product is not guaranteed to be oriented to any particular manner. Sapphire windows can be made thinner than alternative crystals thanks to its structural integrity and can operate up to 2030⁰C.  If you'd like your window to be cut along a predetermined crystal axis, for example the c-plane, then please let us know using our custom optic request form.  

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