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Dielectric Max Reflectors

Narrowband Maximum Reflecting Coating (MAX R) Typically used with lasers, Max R coatings provide nearly complete reflection over a specific spectral range, absorbing negligible incident energy. These high-purity coatings are very durable--designed to meet all standard MIL requirements. The trade-offs for high reflectivity (compared to metal reflectors) are: increased polarization sensitivity and increased cost.


Reflectivity (per surface) >99.5% at design wavelength
Typical Bandwidth ~20% of design wavelength at 99% points
Wavelength Range 300 nm to 3000 nm
Angle of Incidence 0-45°
Substrates Fused Quartz/Fused Silica (all grades) 
BK7 Optical Glass 
Pyrex®/Zerodur ® 
Other materials upon request
Durability Per MIL-C-48497A
Order As MAX R (at specified wavelength)
Please Specify Wavelength (narrowband) 
Substrate Material/Part Number 
Surface to be coated 
Design Wavelength 
Angle of incidence 
Polarization of incident energy