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Narrowband AR ("V") (AR-V) Coatings

Commonly called a "V" coating because of its spectral shape, narrowband AR coatings are the simplest of the multilayer coatings and are used whenever the application involves a single wavelength. A "V" coating usually achieves reflectivity of <0.25% at the design wavelength.

Reflectivity (per surface)

<0.25% at design wavelength

Practical Bandwidth

Usually 12% of the design wavelength 
between 0.5% points

Wavelength Range

400 nm to 1500 nm


Fused Quartz/Fused Silica (all grades) 
Any Optical Glass 
Other materials upon request


Per MIL-C-48497A


"V" coatings that minimize reflections 
at TWO wavelengths are also possible. 
For more information please 
Contact Esco.

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