Esco Optics is thrilled to partner with StyroPyro to offer his biggest fans the opportunity to pick his next build. Voting is open until January 31st (9am EST). You can vote as often as you would like. Results will be revealed in early February.
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Extreme Laser Sniper Rifle

By building a reverse telescope the rifle will be able to explode objects at larger distances just like a sniper, but without bullets.

Orange Laser from Excited Chemicals

A new twist on the continuous-wave dye lasers from 1970, this design will replace the inefficient argon gas with a semi-conductor blasting through chemicals.

1kW+ Chemical Flashlight

Using a solid state phosphor in order to covert blue light to green light which is much brighter to the human eye...creating as massive amount of light using chemicals.

Quantum Vacuum Fluctuation Visuallizer

The visualizer will demonstrate the principle of vacuum energy, which is the underlying background energy that exists in space and throughout the universe.

Thanks for checking back! The winning invention will be announced in StyroPyro's next video!


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