Why Choose Esco Optics?

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Are you looking to purchase standard catalog or custom manufactured optical components, but don’t know where to purchase from? 

As an optics manufacturer, we are often asked what the benefits are to purchasing from us. For those who may be visiting our website for the first time, we thought we would address the question, “Why Choose Esco?”

At Esco Optics, our goal is to provide personalized service to all of our customers. As a family-owned and operated business, many of our employees have been with the company for over 20 years. That being said, you won’t be “just another order” when you purchase optical components from us; every customer, no matter how large or small, is treated like family. Our sales staff goes to great lengths to ensure a smooth ordering process, whether that is online or over the phone, and our production team is truly passionate about every order they receive.

Our company focuses solely on manufacturing optical components. Therefore, all our employees are experts in the industry, yet still eager to learn new methods and techniques for easier and faster production times.

Esco is capable of producing prototype and high volume production quantities and can meet your application performance requirements easily. We manufacture standard catalog components, custom optics, and even rework or modify optics you send us.

We offer an array of products, including windows, lenses, filters, sapphire, optical flats, mirrors, prisms, coatings, and laboratory supplies, all of which can be custom made. Every optical component endures rigorous screening in our Quality Control Department. This process confirms that every optic within your order meets your exact specifications before it is shipped out.

As an industry leader for military and defense optics, confidentiality is understood at every level of our business and we are ITAR registered and compliant. If confidentiality is important for your company when ordering optical components, we will take the necessary precautions to keep your information secure.

Want more information on how Esco can meet your needs as an optics manufacturer? Contact us today and our Sales Department would be more than happy to speak with you further.

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Quality Optics from a Trusted Supplier

American Owned & Operated

Esco Optics is a leading manufacturer of custom and catalog optics, precision optical components, and ITAR optics in the United States.

Military & Defense Supplier

As the leader for military and defense optics in the United States, Esco Optics adheres to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

ITAR Registered & Compliant

ITAR registered and compliant, Esco manufactures ITAR optics for all of its customers with the strictest confidentiality.