New Equipment Ensures Lens Accuracy

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Accuracy means everything in the optics business.As the demand rises for precision optics, investing in the latest technology has become a necessity for optic manufacturers.

Esco has recently purchased a new TriOptics OptiSpheric, allowing us to manufacture the highest accuracy and reliable optical lenses available today. Every standard catalog optic or custom optic we manufacture meets all requested specifications prior to being shipped to our customers.

The unit will ensure centration on all our lenses, verify that the correct radii and focal lengths are being met, and even check angles and wedges. Our staff will also be able to assemble doublets and triplets with perfect centration/alignment.

How will this benefit our customers?

In purchasing a TriOptics OptiSpheric, Esco is able to provide customers with peace of mind; knowing their optical components will be delivered according to their order specifications. This allows customers to proceed with their projects in confidence because their optical lenses are verified on a cutting edge metrology system.

Accuracy verification is a critical factor in the optics industry. Esco continues to invest in new technology that will reduce lead times, while producing superior quality catalog and custom optics. Extreme care goes into every purchase optical lenses order, guaranteeing that no product leaves our shop unless it meets your expectations.

Learn more about the services Esco offers or contact a sales representative for more information on how we can meet your optic needs.

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