Esco Optics Sponsors ASGS NE Glassblowing Event

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Esco Optics Sponsors North East Section of ASGS

Esco Optics is pleased to announce our recent sponsorship of the North East Section of the ASGS (American Scientific Glassblowers Society), Open House event hosted by M&M Glassblowing in Nashua, NH on May 17th. It was well attended by 30+ members and their guests. Various demonstrations and classes were held throughout the day.

Esco Optics supplies various industrial and commercial windows and components to the scientific glassblowing industry. The hot open flame work utilized by the glassblowers is in stark contrast to the “cold” methods Esco Optics uses to fabricate high quality commercial and industrial windows.  Various machines are used to accurately and repeatedly manufacture the windows and substrates such as our Glassmaster CP (continuous polisher) and DS (Double sided) planetary polishing machines.

Specifications like Scratch Dig and surface flatness are sometimes not necessary to the typical glassblower. There are however times where a precision window and specification is needed. Esco Optics is a world class supplier of optical components of all forms and materials including Fused Quartz and Borosilicate glass.

The craft and technique involved with the processing of the hot materials is also interesting in the fact that each piece is hand crafted. The degree of craftsmanship needed to supply our customers with a dependable and cost effective plano component is not be overshadowed by the skill and attention incorporated by our opticians.

It is an interesting marriage between the “hot” and “cold” side of glass fabrication and only demonstrates the diversity of the products supplied by Esco Optics and companies like M&M glassblowing.  You can see more pictures of the day’s event by visiting the ASGS Facebook page. Please contact us if you have a requirement for custom windows or plates at

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