Esco Optics Continues to Invest in State-of-the-Art Metrology Solutions

Posted by Ron Schulmerich on

Esco Optics recently purchased a Zygo NewView 8300 high performance 3D optical profiling system and a Zygo Verifier XPZ interferometry system.

The addition of these platforms enhance Esco’s position as a world class optical component manufacturer. 

Zygo NewView Optical Surface Profiler

The NewView 8300 profiling system is versatile non-contact measuring system. The profiler is complete with an automated 3-position multiple system zoom and a 3-axis motorized stage. The NewView 8300 has a surface topography repeatability of 0.12nm and an RMS repeatability of 0.1 angstroms. The NewView 8300 will assist Esco Optics in attaining the lowest surface roughness requirements and specifications put forth by our customers. 

ZYGO's Verifire™ interferometer system

The Verifier XPZ interferometer is a welcome addition to our metrology arsenal. It rounds out the inspection lab with a state of the art interferometer equipped with a 1K camera upgrade. This allows Esco to provide our customers with fast and efficient high resolution data. The Verifier is equipped with the latest software upgrade, providing the utmost confidence in the inspection data provided. 

Taking delivery of these instruments reinforces Esco Optics’ continuing investment in reliable, precision measurements, securing our customers continued confidence in the accuracy of our precision optical components.

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