Esco Optics Supplies Prototype and Short Run Optical Components 

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Esco Optics prototypes and short run optics

Esco Optics has been a supplier of catalog and custom optics for over 60 years.  Customers have the ability to order a single component, as well as, several thousand pieces. Esco also supplies large annual production run quantities. Our processes and equipment combine to create an efficient workflow that minimizes downtime and shortens our already quick turnaround times for aspherical and acylindrical lenses, spherical lenses, optical windows, mirrors and prisms.

Esco has seen a growing trend to supply smaller short run custom optics of quantities of 100 or less. To satisfy this need, Esco has enabled our production facilities to stage these small runs of optics. By utilizing the variety of CNC milling and CNC polishing machines we have at our disposal, we can provide quick and efficient manufacturing for short run optical component projects.

For short run machining, our custom cell manufacturing and production process keeps all the resources necessary for fabrication near at hand. This increases the quality of the finished products by reducing the possibility for human error between machining stations. All production technicians work together as a team, ensuring that every staff member involved knows the methods needed to arrive at the end product.

We efficiently manufacture these short run quantities by:

  • Structuring costing to accommodate smaller runs and provide competitive pricing. 
  • Maintaining complete in-house inventory of optical materials.
  • Utilizing Esco Optics' extensive blanking and material testing experience. 
  • Incorporating a state of the art E2 ShopTec MRP system. This assures the smooth transition of materials from department to department. 
  • Dedicate specific production cells to process and fabricate short run optical components.

Please contact Esco Optics today to discover how we can help you with your short run optical component needs. 

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