Heraeus Suprasil 300

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Suprasil® 300, 3001, 3002 are the best choice for infrared applications where performance must be optimized. We have inventory ready and can provide optical blanks, customs lenses, and optical windows.

What had been regarded as a premium material that is cost-prohibitive is no longer the case. The Suprasil material is priced much more efficiently due to its near-net ingot sizes fabricated specifically for ease of manufacturability.

Every day we help our customers understand material characteristics and what cost drivers come into play for custom optics. Heraeus has developed this perfect video that illustrates why material choice is so important for laser applications. 

Heraeus IR Fused silica

For optimum performance in the infrared spectrum Heraeus Suprasil 300, 3001, and 3002 have the lowest OH content fused silica available. The results speak for themselves as these materials perform in the most demanding of applications. The Suprasil 300x family of materials has the combination of ultra-low total metal impurities (< 1 ppm) and low OH (< 1 ppm) that result in no absorption bands from the visible to the IR spectral region. 

Suprasil 300, Suprasil 3001, Suprasil 3002


Suprasil 300 homogeneityChoosing a synthetic fused silica you will find lower metallic impurities and lower IR absorption versus natural fused silica. Suprasil 300x is a high-purity synthetic fused silica material manufactured by flame hydrolysis. During the manufacturing process, an intermediate drying step reduces the OH content. Bubbles and inclusions: wavefront distortion, scatter and material damage are also key factors to consider and this material performs exceptionally well. 

Optical calculator

Heraeus has developed a very helpful calculator that allows you to find which of their lines of glass are best suited for your application. To use the calculator visit this link. You can also find more details on the Heraeus materials on their data sheet.



Suprasil 300 transmission

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About Heraeus:
Heraeus, a technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a leading international family-owned company formed in 1851. With expertise and a focus on innovations, operational excellence and entrepreneurial leadership, the company strives to continuously improve the businesses of its customers around the world. Heraeus creates high-quality solutions for its customers and strengthens customers' long-term competitiveness by combining material expertise with technological know-how.

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