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New Product Release - First Surface Mirrors

Posted by Bill Hill on

Esco Optics announces the addition of precision quality, first surface mirrors to its online catalog of stock optics. Manufactured from fused silica, these substrates benefit from the material’s low coefficient of thermal expansion, providing a stable, 0.10 wave surface figure and 40-20 scratch/dig over an 85% clear aperture. The second surface is ground and all edges are beveled. Front surface mirrors are available in both 1" and 2" diameters. Esco also maintains a stock of uncoated substrates to accommodate custom mirror requests as well.

Available stock coatings include:

UV Enhanced Aluminum

Ravg. > 90%, 250-450nm
Reflectance vs. Wavelength Graph for UV Enhanced Aluminum Mirror

Enhanced Aluminum

Ravg. > 90%, 450-2000nm
Reflectance vs. Wavelength Graph for Enhanced Aluminum Mirror

Protected Silver

Ravg. > 97.5%, 250-2000nm
Ravg. > 97%, 2-10 microns
Reflectance vs. Wavelength Graph for Enhanced Silver Mirror

We welcome your inquiries. Contact one of our sales engineers for more information or further assistance.

Click here for pricing and delivery.

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