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optical inspection, Optics QC managerThere was a time when if you were engaged in an aerospace project, it was either from NASA or a handful of aviation industry titans. Today, private sector partners have joined the game and are paving the way for an independent aerospace market. This is a game-changer for photonics and optics providers. The acceleration of R&D projects to explore outside our atmosphere is unprecedented. We all know the flashy front runners jockeying for position in the low orbit tourist sector (Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson). However, private space exploration and research are not just a U.S. dominant arena, India, Israel, and Russia all have their sights on space through the private sector. There's a startup mentality within the industry that if you are not first or second, then you're in last place. Advancements in robotics and nanotechnologies play a huge role in developing systems that allow for space flight. 

For the aerospace industry then and now, precision remains paramount. Our customers rely on Esco's strict quality and process controls that ensure parts hit their specifications. When you are creating optics that will perform under tremendous stress or the sub-zero conditions of deep space, failure is not an option. Metrology reports, certifications, and traceability for raw materials from beginning to end are just as critical as the parts themselves. We are ITAR registered and have a countless number of components in use by all branches of the military. Esco also has over 65 years of experience working with government agencies and private businesses.  Our work in the aerospace industry ranges from initial prototyping and manufacturing to over hundreds of parts per week for larger production runs. For customer R&D projects, our relationships with material suppliers like Corning, Schott, Heraeus, Momentive, and Ohara allow us to work in partnership to help achieve results and create solutions that lead to innovative breakthroughs. There's an all-new space race and the path forward is through rapid innovation and of course the atmosphere. For your aerospace requirements, please reach out to Esco Optics with any questions or needs.



Secure drawing and document version control

Clean room inspection and handling

Metrology, reporting, and material certifications

ITAR registered

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