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Achromatic Lenses

Achromatic lenses provide diffraction-limited performance over nearly their entire clear aperture. Esco's lens design is computer optimized to insure that chromatic and spherical aberrations are simultaneously minimized. Lenses are suitable for use in most high resolution imaging systems and any application where spherical and chromatic aberrations must be reduced.

All standard achromatic lenses that Esco manufactures are supplied with MgF2 single layer anti-reflective coatings on both outside surfaces. Their performance is superior to that of all single element lenses.

Esco also manufactures custom optical elements, including:

  • Negative achromats
  • Lenses designed for finite conjugate systems
  • Lenses whose designs have been optimized for other wavelength areas, such as the ultraviolet or near infrared

Focal Length Tolerance

+/- 2% at 546 nm

Clear Aperture


Diameter Tolerance

+0/-0.15 mm

Thickness Tolerance

+/- 0.25 mm



Surface Quality

60-40, scratch-dig

Surface Accuracy

better than 1 wave over clear aperture


Fine ground and beveled


MGF2, Single layer MgF2