Anti-Reflective Coatings

Anti-reflective or "AR" coatings are the most common type of optical coating in the world. Applied to elements from eyeglasses and camera lenses, to components used in high-power laser systems, AR coatings are designed to minimize natural back reflections that could otherwise interfere with the preferred operation of an optical system.

Esco Optics offers a range of AR Coatings, including:

Single Layer MgF2 Coatings

The Index of refraction of magnesium fluoride is ideal for the task of providing minimum reflectance with only a single layer of film. When applied at high temperatures, MgF2 becomes a hard, durable coating that meets all standard MIL requirements.

It exhibits broadband characteristics and can be applied on a variety of substrates for use in spectral regions from UV to NIR. MgF2 has the best performance/cost ratio of any anti-reflection coating available today.

Narrowband AR ("V") Coatings (AR-V)

Commonly referred to as a "V" Coating due to its spectral shape, Narrowband AR Coatings are the simplest of the multilayer coatings and are used whenever the application involves a single wavelength.

A "V" coating usually achieves reflectivity of < 0.25% at the design wavelength.

Broadband Multilayer AR Coatings

Broadband Multilayer AR Coatings provide a low reflectivity of a "V" Coating, combined with the broadband characteristics of a single layer coating. However, the trade-off is its higher cost.

Our coatings are custom products, please Contact Us to place an order.

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