UV-Grade Lenses for Bacteria Cleaning Applications

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As the world opens back-up, people are starting to return to theaters, museums, sports arenas, and multitudes of indoor attractions. Yet, consumer confidence has been shaken by the threat of potential pathogens that can still spread disease so they are nervous to sit, touch, or even enter these buildings. Owners have established deep-cleaning processes which can be labor intensive, cost prohibitive, and time consuming. As a result, more and more products are emerging that reduce pathogens using ultraviolet (UV) light, specifically UVC light which transmits between 100 - 280 nm. 

UVC light

Deep UV light applications that assist in the mitigation of bacteria require optical filters and lenses that precisely match wavelength requirements in this spectrum.  Esco Optics, a manufacturer of precision optics, can provide any designer of these disinfection systems with the lenses, windows and filters necessary for optimal performance. Using UV-grade fused silica, we can customize the size and shape to fit your requirements. Further, our coating expertise will pinpoint the UV frequency required by your application. 

Coated optics

The faster that owners ensure consumer confidence, the faster their economies will recover. That means you need samples fast and quick production ramp.

Esco Optics can provide you samples of custom optics in a few short weeks, and once validated, our production facilities will support your quick-to-market requirements.

UV-Grade lenses from Esco Optics will precisely deliver the wavelength your bacteria killing product needs. Our sales engineers can assist you in navigating your needs. Contact us today via email or our online form.

UVC light, How does UV light kill viruses

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