Esco’s recovery and reconstruction reaches major milestone

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Oak Ridge, NJ October 23rd, 2014

The New Building

Esco Optics is excited to announce we have recently signed a letter of commitment for the purchase of a modern 15K square foot facility in Oak Ridge NJ. The new build has expansion potential of up to 34K square feet of which we will begin as soon as we are cleared to start. We have also been allowed to enter the building prior to closing to begin design and layout of the floor plan. Esco now has the rare opportunity to restructure the work flow and optimize the new space using lean manufacturing concepts. The location of the new building in Oak Ridge was at the forefront of the decision to keep the commute and disruption our employee’s livelihood to a minimum.The projected move in date is February of 2015.

The Esco Optics Team

Esco Optics employees have demonstrated a commitment to rebuilding that few companies get a chance to witness firsthand. They have all been working extremely hard and most have been pushed outside of their comfort zones but have risen to the challenge of rebuilding Esco Optics. From removing salvageable equipment from the old building, construction of our temporary infrastructure to hours of training on new state of the art machine tools,Esco employees have demonstrated a tenacity seldom seen in any organization. It is this employee spirit that instills confidence in all of us that Esco Optics will emerge like the phoenix from the ashes a transformed and refined organization.

Expanding our Manufacturing

The addition of new equipment coupled with machines we have salvaged and rebuilt from the fire has doubled our manufacturing capability and capacity. The purchase of our 7piece OptiPro and OptoTech machine cell will allow Esco Optics to continue to excel in the manufacture of aspherical and spherical lenses as well as free form optics. Esco has also added 9 new machines to strengthen our plano polishing capabilities. These include 4 Somos and 3Speedfam double sided lappers and polishers. A new Zygo Verifier and OptiPro OptiTrace aspheric profilometer aid in the metrology of our components. We have also replaced our two Sidai automatic beveling stations. A major portion of this equipment is up and running in production at our satellite facility and will remain in service there until the modifications to new building are completed.

Our Gratitude

The recovery and reconstruction of Esco Optics, since the plant fire on August 10th, has been a life lesson for the entire Esco team. The fire at the building has generated a renewed spirit and effort to bring Esco Optics back bigger and better than before. This would not be possible without countless acts of assistance and support from every sector of the photonics industry. The organizations and friends that have reached out to help us these past few months are too numerous to name individually. It would be a true disservice to fail to mention any one of them so we give a heartfelt thank you to all of you.

Esco Optics is excited to reenter the photonics industry arena as a tenured company surrounded by new innovations and to maintain the time honored commitment to our customers in the photonics industry. For more information please visit our website at

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