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Oak Ridge, NJ September 12, 2014 – Esco Optics is continuing to strengthen their overall manufacturing capacity and capability after the August 10th fire at their Oak Ridge NJ facility. Esco has also completed the installation and implementation of our Vista MRP system. There is no disruption of the processing of Esco orders or quotations. The search for a new permanent facility has also been narrowed to two locations. Negotiations are currently on-going and should be completed in the coming days.

Manufacturing Update

Most would be hard pressed to find a response quicker than our machine tool vendors and friends during this transition. Esco has enhanced our manufacturing capabilities and capacities with the following acquisitions. These machine tools have been paired with our current equipment and have allowed us to further refine and optimize all of our processes and procedures.

Double sided Plano Polishing

Somos 400 and 630 Polishers and Lappers: These enable Esco to high speed planetary polish most materials including IR, Visible and UV windows to exacting parallelism, flatness, surface cosmetics and surface roughness. The Somos model 400 has a maximum carrier diameter of 182mm while the 630 expands the carrier capacity to 254mm.

Speedfam 16B lapper and 2 Speedfam 16 B polishers: The Speedfam DS polishers allow Esco to polish up to a 12” diagonal substrate to precision flatness, parallelism and surface roughness.

These DS polishing machines allow Esco to provide our customers with small prototype runs through larger high production quantities.

Continuous Polishing 

52” Glassmaster continuous polisher: Esco has added another Glassmaster to our manufacturing floor. This doubles the capacity of our precision polishing to produce surface forms greater than 1/20 wave.

Unajec 48” CP polisher and 48” CP grinder: This enables Esco to expand its CP polishing to include high production of precision flat mirrors, wedges and windows.

Spherical and Aspherical Polishing

Optotech 80 CNC Spherical / Aspherical generator and polisher: Esco has just put these two machine tools on line. The Optotech 80 machines allow us to resume the high volume production of our aspherical and spherical lens capability.

Rogers and Clarke spindle polishers: Esco has added a total of twelve 10” spindles to add to the production of our commercial and pitch polished components.

Fabrication and Support Equipment

  • Sadai Automated Centering / Edging Machine
  • Blanchard 11-16 Rotary Surface Grinder
  • Yosikawa YGS-16 Rotary Surface Grinder
  • Cincinnati R-57 Universal Cylindrical Grinder.
  • Crest Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
  • Zygo Verifier Interferometer w/ 150mm beam expander.

The equipment listed above has been installed and set up at a record pace. These new machines are in addition to our blank processing and CNC facility that was unaffected by the fire. Those machines consist of four Meyerburger ID saws, various core drilling stations, CNC machine tools for shaping, and CNC dicing / slicing machines.

The rapid recovery is greatly aided by the tenacity and character of all members of the Esco Optics team. They have single handedly transformed our secondary blanking facility into a fully functional precision optical fabrication house. The national optics industry has also contributed to Esco Optics maintaining and fulfilling orders. The response from our friends in the industry has been a truly humbling experience.This coupled with the dedication and hard work of our employees affords us the confidence and assurance that will lead Esco Optics into the future.

Esco Optics will continually release updates as we embark on this transition. It is paramount to us to maintain open and frequent communication with our customers, vendors and friends in the optics community. We sincerely thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

For more information please contact Esco Optics, 1 Tindale Rd, Oak Ridge NJ, 07438 at 1-800-922-3726or email

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