Esco Optics takes another step in the journey of rebuilding in 2015

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In keeping with Esco Optics progressive rebuilding plan for 2015, Esco is taking delivery of two new pieces of fabrication equipment. An OptiPro Systems Optisonic 3X and an OptiPro UltraForm 200 Asphere Polisher.

OptiPro OptiSonic 3X CNC

The OptiSonic 3X utilizes ultrasonic (Intellasonic) vibration to accomplish rapid material removal and optimal cutting conditions. The Optisonic 3X will complement Esco’s CNC machining and shaping capability to machine all optical materials including hard optical crystals and ceramics such as sapphire, spinel as well as IR materials. The through spindle coolant and 15K spindle speeds will also enhance the ability to machine small features and otherwise difficult shapes using conventional CNC platforms. Esco will also utilize the Optisonic 3X to generate convex and concave spherical lenses, aspherical lenses and cylinder lenses as well as complex machined features.

OptiPro UFF 200 Polisher

The OptiPro UFF 200 polisher enhances Esco Optics asphere and free form capabilities by increasing the manufacturing envelope to 200mm. The UFF 200 allows the precision finishing of spheres and aspheres and plano optics to 0.2λ.  The use of deterministic CNC polishing means less waste which leads to significant saving that is passed on to the customer. The UFF 200 also has on board “in-situ” non-contact measurement of removal data and initial measurement of part accuracy. This platform allows quick and accurate fabrication of spherical and aspherical lenses as well as cylindrical and acylindrical lenses.

The precision and repeatability of these 2 platforms allows Esco to streamline and therefore optimize the fabrication processes. Esco Optics customers will also benefit from the increased throughput and higher degree of accuracy. The acquisition of the OptiSonic 3X and the UFF 200 is one more example of Esco Optics’ continued commitment to invest in state of the art equipment and processes that will maintain Esco Optics position at the forefront of the optical component industry for years to come. For more information on how Esco Optics can help with your optical component needs, please visit our website at

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