Fred Keglovits, a salesman with a heart of gold

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Valentine’s Day 1979, was a frigid February morning with the sun barely peeking through overcast clouds in Oak Ridge, New Jersey. Fred Keglovits parked his car in an unfamiliar parking lot, carefully choosing a space away from the building as to not park in someone else’s preferred spot. He briskly walked through the door of Esco Optics at 8:00 am. Inside there were no chocolate hearts, no red roses but there was however, love in the air. It would take some time for him to put his finger on what exactly that was, but it would stay with him for 40 years. This was the beginning of Fred’s career with Esco Optics. 

Gary Steneken and Fred Keglovits, Esco Optics, Oak Ridge NJFred started in the stockroom of Esco, managing inventory and fulfilling catalog orders. He was hired by General Manager, Gary Steneken and not too much was said on that first day. Just the typical schedule, process, and day-to-day duties. The first year went by fast as Fred absorbed how the business was run and the care that was put into customer needs. After that first year, Gary pulled Fred aside and said, “I know you have some sales experience, how about we get you out of the stock room and on the phone.” Having familiarity with the products over the past year allowed him to seamlessly find solutions for customers.

Fred Keglovitis, Esco Optics 40 years, Precision OpticsA career in optics was not something Fred had sought but it all started to take off. As business relationships grew, so did the Company and so did his own family. Fred and his wife Maxine had two children, Heidi and Scott and along with new duties at work, there was also a steady stream of family activities. Over the years, Fred has stayed laser-focused on his family and his work family. His approach has never been about high-pressure sales or to simply move units. The core of his customer conversations starts with discussions around family and daily life.  All before any optics are discussed, which is a rarity in today's fast-paced world. The foundation that Fred built over the years is best described by his mantra, “I only have one way of doing things, the right way.” The evolution and success of Esco has been built upon honesty and hard work. Lee Steneken, CEO.Over his 40-year career, Fred put his methodology, guidance and heart into the Company. Fred has helped shape Esco into what it is today. The love that was in the air on his very first day is the love of the optics industry. “Fred has been a friend, mentor and confidant, the impact he has had on Esco's success is immeasurable. I can tell you we would not have made it this long without him,” states Lee Steneken, CEO, Esco. The Esco team comes to work each day with a passion for precision and Fred has set that example day in and day out. Fred has been a fixture of our company and we wish him the absolute best as he enjoys his retirement in picturesque Lake George, New York. We cannot thank him enough for everything he has done to help Esco Optics prosper. He will be missed!


If you have any business inquiries regarding your account please reach our Ron Schulmerich, Business Development Manager. 

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