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Dear friends, customers, vendors and competitors,

We all know what it’s like to have your business in a groove…or a lull…or even a grind. During Esco’s greatest period of growth, we suffered a devastating tragedy. While we wait for our new facility to be completed, we have found ourselves in an ongoing grind. We have done well to support our continued growth in imperfect conditions, and have made it a point to expand overall market awareness. It has been my main goal to prove to our customers that Esco can handle any situation and rise above it.

Since August of 2014, I have never let my foot off of the gas. This drive and focus has been paramount to rebuilding the company. Sales are up, returns are down, and we have gained significant market awareness…but this success hasn’t come without some turbulence.

Now as the dust is settling, and after some soul searching, I need to acknowledge that I may have strained relationships and friendships. Some of those friends and associates are Esco’s biggest supporters.

To anyone that has recently felt slighted, and especially to my friends that I had the pleasure of spending time with this past weekend, I apologize for not showing you the compassion and support that you showed me during my time of need. And while my intentions were meant to be supporting of you and others while you were in the midst of crises, my message was not clear. If I had looked at the situation with emotion, I would have seen how my communication was misconstrued.

As a statement to my customers, vendors, competitors, and friends; I will do my best to remember that the greatest success comes from the heart. As Esco continues to develop into a company that I have worked hard to emulate after the ones I learned from, I will do my best to stay centered as Esco continues to evolve with exceptional products and service, as well as showing compassion and support with others. I have the utmost love and respect for this industry and the people within it. It is an honor to work beside you. I share this message publicly out of my respect and admiration for my peers.


Lee Steneken

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