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Esco Optics is excited to offer Momentive Technologies' 124™ high purity fused quartz (formerly known as GE124). With a low-OH content, Momentive Technologies' 124 is an excellent choice for semiconductor processing equipment like etching, diffusion, and deposition, as well as, photovoltaic systems and second surface mirrors. Consistent homogeneity and a 1.4585 uniform refractive index are achieved using natural quartz in a proprietary electrically-fused manufacturing process. This method also provides a more cost-effective solution when compared to other synthetic quartz products. For applications in the semiconductor industry, ultra-high-purity quartz with minimal impurities ensures the material remains as pure as possible for ideal electrical conductivity. 

Momentive Technologies 124, Ge124, IR quartzIn UV applications, Momentive Technologies' 124 is a very efficient material and exhibits excellent transmittance. However, unlike typical quartz, its low-OH content allows it to perform well into the infrared region (IR). The IR edge falls after 4.0 μm for a 1 mm thick sample with little absorption in the "water band" at 2.73 μm. This makes Momentive Technologies' electrically fused quartz different from flame fused quartz (often referred to as "wet" quartz).

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At Esco, we process our blanks from raw boules or ingots and Momentive Technologies' 124 is the largest size available in the industry, providing limitless possibilities for oversized fabrication. A full ingot is 68" in diameter and 21" thick weighing in at 6,600 lbs. (~3000 kgs.)

Our approachable and friendly sales team is always available to assist customers with any questions on catalog or custom optics at or

Additional specifications on 124 fused quartz can be found Momentive Technologies' website.

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