Precision Optics for Far UV Disinfection

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Now in the post-era of global health concerns, the demand for effective disinfection methods has soared to unprecedented levels. Amidst this surge, precision optics applications have emerged as a safe technology, particularly in the realm of far-ultraviolet (UV) light applications. We covered this topic back in 2021 for our UV-C lens capabilities. Today, hotels, movie theaters, and even homes are now turning to this cutting-edge technology to ensure safer environments for guests, patrons, and families alike.  

Precision optics, the science and technology of controlling light with exquisite accuracy, has long been instrumental in various fields, from astronomy to telecommunications. Now, its potential is being harnessed to manipulate far UV light; a portion of the UV spectrum known for its potent germicidal properties. In optics manufacturing, we refer to this as Deep UV (100-280 nm) or far-UV; however, it is mostly associated in the scientific community as germicidal ultraviolet light (GUV).  

Far UV: The Disinfection Game-Changer 
Unlike conventional UV-C light, which can be harmful to human skin and eyes, far UVUV hotel cleaning, UV light for hotel disinfection

light is safer for occupied spaces, making it an ideal candidate for disinfection applications in public venues and homes. Far UV light, with wavelengths between 207 and 222 nanometers, possesses the unique ability to penetrate the outer membranes of viruses and bacteria rendering them unable to replicate while less likely to damage human skin or eye cells.  

This is not a new technique in disinfection as the use of ultra-violet light dates to the 1930's. What is new are the applications and how quickly they are being scaled for new avenues of use. In the hospitality industry, where guest safety is paramount, precision optics-enabled far UV disinfection systems are revolutionizing the standards of cleanliness. Hotels and resorts are integrating these systems into their cleaning protocols to sanitize guest rooms, lobbies, and common areas effectively. By deploying far UV light in conjunction with traditional cleaning methods, establishments can provide guests with peace of mind during their stay.

UV disinfection for hotels and hospitality, UV light in hotels

Movie theaters, once bustling hubs of entertainment, faced significant challenges during periods of heightened health concerns. However, with the implementation of far UV disinfection technology, these venues are reclaiming their status as premier destinations for cinematic experiences. Precision optics enable targeted deployment of far UV light, ensuring thorough disinfection of auditoriums and high-touch surfaces between screenings, thus reassuring moviegoers of a safe and enjoyable outing. 

UV lights for movie theaters, UV light systems for movie theaters

Bringing Safety Home: Far UV for Residential Use 
As concerns about indoor air quality and surface sanitation continue to resonate with homeowners, far UV disinfection systems are finding their way into residential spaces. From kitchens to bathrooms and beyond, precision optics-driven devices offer a convenient and effective means of maintaining a clean and healthy home environment. Families can breathe easy knowing that far UV light is working tirelessly to eliminate harmful pathogens without posing risks to their well-being. 

The Dawn of a Cleaner Future 
UV fused silica performs well in the deep UV making it an ideal material. Meanwhile, fused quartz would not be a good substitute material as it has metallic impurities that will absorb the UV light in deep UV. In the quest for safer, more hygienic environments, precision optics technology is illuminating the path forward. As these innovations continue to evolve, one thing remains clear: the future applications of disinfection are bright thanks to the transformative power of precision optics. To discuss your disinfection optical components or other precision optics needs please reach out to 

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