Wrapping up World Space Week 2017

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Esco Space WeekWorld Space Week came to a close on Tuesday. This year’s theme, Exploring New Worlds in Space, casts an outward, and upward, view—and we’re proud to provide the custom optics that help explorers see further. We’ve enjoyed sharing some of our thoughts, ideas, and innovations with you through the week, and we hope you enjoyed our posts.
We covered a lot of topics between October 4 and October 10, from why we’re geeking out over World Space Week to what it might be like if we never landed on the moon. Ever wonder about sharks with lasers and precision measurements from space, we covered that, too.
Now, most people know us as an optics company. We’re the team developing the optical technology used to look up into the night sky and see more. We’ve explored the reasons why amateur astronomers and the engineers developing the next-generation space telescopes choose to work with us. We also shared insights on retroreflectors and the Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment, and how choosing the right optical coating can improve protection and performance.

And what would World Space Week be without rockets? Yes, we develop components for those, as well.

Esco has been privately-owned and operated for over 60 years, we work with individuals and small development teams, as well as government agencies—and even NASA. For us, there’s no difference between big and small projects. Each assignment gives us the opportunity to create something different and try something new.

From manufacturing to machining, and coating, we’re ready to help with all your optics and optical components needs.
Contact us now for more information on our extensive optics product line and to receive a quote for your order.


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