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SkyAngel270 Rocket Launch

We've covered a lot of topics this during World Space Week, from satellites to telescopes to our commitment to innovation and exploration. For us, there’s one thing that all these topics have in common, and that’s our customers—the individuals who use our products every day and who help us create the new products that will drive our business forward.

We serve a wide variety of industries—automotive, biomedical, education, laboratory supplies, defense, aerospace—just to name a few, and we’re always looking to branch our and share what we do. But even as we evolve and grow, we haven’t lost sight of where we got out start, as a company dedicated to helping the hobbyist and optic enthusiasts do more and see further.

Built to your specifications
From one-of-a kind imaging devices to "laser bazookas" or rocket systems, we're happy to provide precision optics to everyone, because that's what we love to do. 

Esco sapphire window

Take Noah for example. Noah is a rocket and aviation enthusiast with hopes to someday turn his passion into a high-altitude research business. He contacted us for a simple sapphire window, and we were happy to help. We crafted the window and sent it off.

Designs that take off
Now, most of the things that pass through the shop, do just that. They pass through. And we never see or hear from them again. But not this time. Noah reached out to us after his build to showcase the amazing footage of his homemade rocket. After two years of design and fabrication, Noah had a flawless launch. The only issue with the mission was some melted paint, scored from the force and speed of the flight into the stratosphere. But our sapphire window held up just fine. The launch was coordinated with the FAA at an experimental site in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

The rocket deployed a small research payload, equipped with a 360-degree camera and sensors. And all were safely recovered. We met Noah through other hobbyists who recommended Esco to him. He told us his experience was "absolutely great, and very timely."

Rocket before launch and afterThe rocket was named stratospheric express and it sure lived up to its name.

Here's some specifications on the rocket: 

Height 17 ft. Max altitude 96,130 ft. AGL and 100,020 ft. MSL
Weight 105 lbs. Max speed achieved Mach 2.9

Images: Courtesy of SkyAngel270, please do not copy or redistribute without written permission

Want to see more? Check out Noah’s YouTube channel here. It’s really awesome stuff. And it’s a perfect way to wrap up World Space Week. 

We're thrilled to be a part of a growing community of makers and builders—helping people like Noah create something truly extraordinary.

Stratospheric Express 1Stratospheric Express 2

Stratospheric Express 3

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