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From highly customized lenses designed for specialized applications to catalog biconvex lenses, Esco Optics offers a wide variety of spherical lenses. Often used as individual components in a larger system, spherical lenses can be applied to a vast range of unique implementations.  In many instances, spherical lenses are used to shape or direct, magnify or de-magnify, or even out a light source.

Materials  for Spherical Lenses

While users may choose from a variety of materials, customers often find that fused silica is an ideal glass type for spherical lenses.  Esco stocks a wide variety of raw fused silica to meet the needs of ultraviolet, visible, and infrared applications.  In addition to fused silica, Esco commonly manufactures lenses from N-BK7, as well as other optical glasses.  Optical glass is often the go-to material for applications that do not require any specific type of material.  Like fused silica, optical glass also works with visible light.  Esco proudly offers all optical glasses supplied by Schott, Ohara, Hoya, and CDGM, and in most cases, we have the raw material on hand. 

Manufacturing Spherical Lenses

Esco Optics has specialized capabilities when it comes to manufacturing spherical lenses.   Through high-speed CNC generators and polishers, we can create custom pieces by first generating a rough figure and then using a polisher to achieve the lens’s precise shape.  Our computer-controlled OptoTechs allow for utmost repeatability, so that we can create hundreds or even thousands of identical spherical lenses.  That way, our customers know that our lenses will work for their application, without the inconvenience of having to test individual pieces over and over again.

In addition to utilizing our state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture our spherical lenses, Esco also offers a broad range of specifications in order to meet our customers’ unique needs.  For example, we have the capabilities to achieve a flatness specification of up to lambda by 20, as well as surface accuracy of lambda by 10.  In terms of size, we can produce lenses as small as .125” or as large as 4” – and some of our highly customized pieces have measured as large as 12”.

In terms of measurement, Esco can ensure that our lenses meet the greatest level of accuracy through the testing performed in our metrology lab, which houses high-tech measuring equipment.  Our TriOptics Optispheric measures radius of curvature as well as focal length, while our Zygo Interferometers check for surface accuracy, or flatness.  To us, measuring parts in our advanced metrology lab is an integral part of the production process, as it confirms that customers’ specifications are met with precision and accuracy.

If you are interested in custom spherical lenses, call today to speak with an associate, or feel free to send an email to Sales@EscoOptics.com.  Also, be sure to check out our catalog lenses as well, available for purchase under the products category here on our website.

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