Optics in America: State of the Industry

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top optical manufactures in americaWe were very excited to share our thoughts when Photonics Spectra asked us to contribute an article on the State of the Optics Industry. The article features some key insights that are both common and uncommon to other manufacturing industries. The common thread in all U.S. manufacturing at the moment is the shortage of skilled workers. With the ever increasing pressure of low-cost overseas competition, most manufacturing sectors are scrambling to find a new generation of fabricators and operators. To compensate for this shortage, many industries, including optical fabricators, engage in cooperation through peer-to-peer networking. It is something we've grown to describe as "co-opetition," which is best explained as a small group of providers understanding that it's better to reach out to a competitor for assistance rather than undercutting them. For Esco and our competitors, we're all trying to grow and succeed which can make for a crowded sandbox, but we appreciate and utilize each other’s expertise. At the end of the day, as an industry, we are stronger together.

To read the full article on the Optics in America head over to 
Photonics Spectra.
Photonics Spectra Esco Optics September 2018

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