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Optics University | Refractive Index

Posted by Steve Rowe on

Optics UniversityWelcome to Optics University by Esco Optics. An ongoing web series that will demystify some of the principles in optics that we follow everyday such as optical terms, formulas, material considerations all with a touch of fun facts. For just nearly 60 years we have been learning how to push fabrication methods in precision optics. Having learned a thing or two that we wanted to create this series to share the insights we have because advancements in technology happening daily we want to be sure the next generation is as excited as we are. 

Episode 01 covers Refractive Index and why it's important. We also cover this topic and optical dispersion in a previous blogpost. For more on that head over here— Optical Properties - Refractive Index & Dispersion

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