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World Space Week 2018

Posted by Steve Rowe on

optics university, world space weekFor those who do not know, World Space Week (WSW) kicks off today with thousands of events globally, inspiring students and focusing on international cooperation in space. “World Space Week was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999. Since then, it has grown to be the largest space celebration on Earth.” says World Space Week Association President Dennis Stone. 

Our second episode of Optics University focuses on everyday items and their applications in space. We also have a full series of blogposts celebrating WSW filled with spacial insights. 

Satellites have changed everything
When was the first satellite launched? How many satellites are in space now? The answers may surprise you. 

Shark mounted lasers
It's easier to use lasers in space than it is to mount them to aquatic life. 

Farthest reaching space telescopes
Want to know more about the best telescopes ever created? 

Lunar rangefinder experiment
Items you have in your home were also left on the moon, intentionally!

Optical coatings and why they are important
Why are astronaut helmet visors gold is it a case of style over function?  

DIY optics 101 
Have a invention that needs a custom optic? We're the vendor for you. Click above to learn how we've helped other hobbyists and optic enthusiasts.   

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